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The Changing Landscape of the Workplace

Prior to the Coronavirus mess, I had an interesting conversation with a client about virtual offices/employees telecommuting vs. the traditional office environment. I had made the point that a large segment of the workforce is now seeking opportunities to work a large portion of the week, if not completely, from home. This was a small […]

Are We Asking the Wrong Question?

Is it the right time? I have come to the conclusion that we should be asking ourselves, “is the timing right?” I have been going through a daily devotional each morning, and the subject for this week is covering the topic “Improve Your Attitude.” This is something that I continue to work on. Not because […]

Next Steps

Over the past few weeks, I read several articles regarding changes we can make/have made during this pandemic. This has culminated in deciding what my next steps would be. I also saw a Sir Francis Bacon quote that was on point, “Choose the life that is most useful, and habit will make it the most […]

Give Yourself Permission

With a new start to my journaling and preparation for the day I have subscribed to a “Success Thought of the Day” with James Rosseau Sr. at Today’s thought was rather “thought provoking” given what the world is going through today. It was “Give Yourself Permission.” James went on to say, “Give yourself permission […]

The Struggle is Real

I would like to say that right now I am the eager beaver, get up and go, efficient as humanly possible gig worker. But that is just not the case. In the beginning I strived to get up every morning, hit the shower, down my coffee and then hit the day. Typically, that meant getting […]

Letting Go of Control

When I was no longer employed, I thought I would take a few months and figure out what I wanted to do next and spend some much-needed time with my family. I had the money from my retirement that was coming in and I had decided to drive for Uber and become a player in […]

Always Be Open for What Might Be Next

I have always lived with the assumption that God is preparing me for whatever He has in store for me next. I have this same mindset for both my professional and personal life. If you would said that in 1979 when I started as a deputy sheriff that I would be working in the public […]