Over the past few weeks, I read several articles regarding changes we can make/have made during this pandemic. This has culminated in deciding what my next steps would be.

I also saw a Sir Francis Bacon quote that was on point, “Choose the life that is most useful, and habit will make it the most agreeable.”

The articles I read were varied and covered the economy, the environment and personal development.

I have been fascinated at the decrease in pollution across the globe with the drop in traffic. Not only air pollution, but water pollution as well. The photos showing clear water canals in Venice are especially captivating.

In the few times I have been out and about, the number of vehicles on the road has decreased, and the air seems to be clearer here in North Texas as well.

But the articles on personal development have received most of my attention. I especially enjoyed reading Herminia Ibarra’s article in the Harvard Business Review on “Reinventing yourself during a crisis.” You can read the article here:

I was already working on a change in career direction and had been exploring virtual vocations and other non-traditional forms of work, but this article hit home with me and may become my road map moving forward.

One of the bullet points in the article talked about reaching out to those in your past that could be good networking contacts moving forward. I have been doing this, and a multitude of prior contacts are more than willing to help and lend advice.

Other advice included getting going on projects, embracing this period in your life and developing many possible options.

While mulling all the data and suggestions I took the step of filing with the Texas Secretary of State to form KB Media Solutions, a Limited Liability Corporation. I received my certificate back yesterday evening and I am now official. This will be my primary focus moving forward. I will continue to explore other options and be open to other opportunities, but owning my own company is very intriguing and I believe offers the most promise.

So, I now have my road map and I have discussed the next steps with some that have gone before me. I still will be looking for advice and looking for those willing to work together, but I’m on the road and looking to blaze my trail.

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